When Should I Contact Best Houston Car Accident Lawyer

When should you contact a personal injury lawyer after a car accident in Houston. Keep read this article best houston car accident lawyer to find out the number one reason you should contact a lawyer within the first 30 days of a car accident.

Hi I’m Ted Spalding in Atlanta a personal injury trial lawyer here with the law firm bowling rice. So again the answer really is within the first 30 days.

You ought to contact a personal injury lawyer and quite frankly it would be good to do so within the first several days. Now does not mean you need to hire a lawyer at that point.

And quite frankly when we get calls that early probably about half of those calls we end up telling folks because of the situation or the injuries at that point that you don’t need to hire us just yet.

Let’s see how things progress but we give the client some of the tools they need to fully protect their rights as if they had a lawyer in the number one reason is as follows.

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Best Houston Car Accident Lawyer

You want to make sure that you contact all insurance companies to put them on notice. In Houston if you don’t put an insurance company on notice most particularly your insurance company you could lose your rights under the policy.

Down the road to have insurance proceeds applied to your injury case to compensate you. So we always tell folks you need to get to someone quickly so you can learn where to look for different insurance policies. There’s a lot of unique areas depending on relatives that live with you.

Cars involved being covered by multiple insurance companies. Those sorts of things that you want to make sure that you know who exactly is at fault get in contact with all of their insurance companies your auto coverage resident relatives is the name of the statute that live in your home.

Policies they have on their vehicles will likely apply to your injury case. That is the number one reason you want to contact a lawyer you do not want to have a situation where you wait until you realize a year later that your injuries are very severe.

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Treatment has cost a ton of money to then get to a lawyer who tells you Oh you didn’t put your insurance company on notice this that and this and you don’t have that extra coverage for what ended up being a very large claim if you have any questions or concerns about your particular case or claim.

Feel free to reach out to me. There’s two ways to do so one is through our Web site at Pricespin.net. There’s a contact form on there that you can fill out and we’ll reach out to you. Another is to call me directly I’d be happy to speak with you. Thanks for reading When Should I Contact Best Houston Car Accident Lawyer article.

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