Personal Injury Defense Lawyer Houston – What Is Your Car Accident Case Worth

Today we will discuss a very interesting topic at this article will discuss Personal Injury Defense Lawyer Houston – What Is Your Car Accident Case Worth. Of course with competent resource persons in their fields.

My name is Tina Willis and I am a personal injury attorney based in Houston. And actually, my office Winter Garden. But I help the clients in Houston and also can help people all over the state of Florida and even in Georgia where I am also licensed.

Today’s, I just wanted to take a few minutes to answer any questions that you might have. And since you aren’t here, I’m just going to randomly like guess the question you might have one question that comes to mind because everyone wants to know is what is my personal injury case worth.

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Personal Injury Defense Lawyer Houston

What’s it worth. I mean how much money am I going to get.

That depends too. First of all, it depends on how much insurance coverage is available because as a practical matter very often defendants either don’t have any enough income or assets to make it worth going after them or for whatever reason those are protected.

So, most personal injury attorneys are the first and most important question besides how the extent of your injuries and who caused the accident is how much insurance coverage is available.

So, they are going to want to get the defendant’s policy and find out how much coverage is available now. Now there also could be other policies in play including your own you might have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Sometimes people think that they don’t and they do so always is a good idea to check which I do. And then you just review the facts to determine what other types of insurance might be at play.

So, in general you get the total amount and that is that’s going to be an effective cap on what damages are available and then the next question is who caused the accident and is that clear.

And if if the other person caused the accident and it’s clear then the next question is what is what are your injuries and what what’s the extent of your injuries. Now oftentimes insurance companies will say you know you’re not injured enough.

This isn’t serious enough to involve an attorney that is just a lie. Most of the time and all the time you should never ever ever ever not at least call me or another personal injury attorney but I would prefer me to find out you know if they’re really giving you the real deal.

I mean sometimes the case really doesn’t justify the work of an attorney but often your injuries might not be apparent at the beginning. Or you just don’t know the extent of them.

I’m going to give you one of a billion examples but let’s just say that you hurt your neck during the accident and you’re having pain in your neck and you’re not really sure you go to the doctor mean everything else seems fine.

You go to the doctor right away which is what you should do. And they take some scans and you know maybe it’s clear that something happened but the doctor being a doctor wants to take conservative approach which they should and they just sort of way to see if your body will heal well your body might heal.

We hope that it heals but it might not heal and, in that case, you may need it ultimately need surgery. You could need to a lesser extent injection. Sometimes people need injections for the rest of their life. In those cases, there.

Personal Injury Lawyer Houston Reviews

They’re fine but they’re going to need injections for the rest of your life which means their neck was permanently injured and that’s a pretty significant fairly high value case.

There can be depending on if if other issues are resolved like who’s at fault in the accident. But you know so your your case value is going to be determined to a large extent on the extent of your injuries.

And that’s combined with whether it’s clear who’s at fault. So, if it’s unclear in Florida the jury is allowed to sort of assign a percentage of fault to different to to the different parties so they can say like you if you were the one injured the plaintiff contributed to your injuries because you didn’t wear a seatbelt.

OK well the jury can consider that and so they can say what we think the plaintiff suffered one hundred thousand dollars in damages but we think they’re 20 percent responsible because they didn’t wear a seatbelt.

And so, they’ll reduce you’re the value of your claim by twenty thousand dollars. So, it’s not always. It’s certainly not clear at the time of the accident usually because you’ve got to figure out what how your your injuries are going to play out. But then beyond that you’ve got to figure out how the fault is weighed between the plane and the defendant and possibly other parties.

And so that’s sort of it’s basically impossible for an attorney to predict unless the injuries are catastrophic. And in those cases, is a little easier to get some idea particularly if the insurance coverage is limited to a certain amount and it’s clear that the damages or the injuries exceed the amount of the insurance coverage even in those cases still imperative.

In my view that you get an attorney because insurance companies won’t deal with you fairly but it can be fairly clear the amount of damages.

Another thing is there’s a general rule of thumb that attorneys have which could be useful possibly that someone who needs to needs pain pills and physical therapy. They have a less valuable case than someone who needs let’s say injections who has a less valuable case than someone who needs surgery.

And you know of course we have multiple body parts involved. Then you also have a more or less valuable case but that’s kind of a general rule of thumb that you should never rely on general rules of thumb at all. You should contact an attorney.

I would be glad to talk to you and I hope. Excuse me I hope that you will give me a call and also I hope you’ll read around my Web site because I have put a lot of thought into the types of questions that consumers have and what I would want to know if I was involved in the lawsuit.

So, I’ve got articles and I’ve also written a lot of material to answer your questions. So, I hope you’ll spend some time educating yourself which will help you maximize the value of your claim. I promise you. Take care.

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