How to Get Online Communications Degree Masters Accredited

Hello all of you lovely people. Welcome back to my Today I decided to make a requested article about How to Get Online Communications Degree Masters Accredited.

I love when this happens because I don’t get a ton of requests for things but this one was a requested article as was my last one which was reading a Facebook profile. There are some who ask about online communications degree masters in Canada, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, NC, Texas, California and several other places.

No not now. Profile statuses reading old statuses. If you want to check that out, I will link below or look for it on my It is certainly interesting but yeah.

So, this was the other piece article that I got and it was a question on Twitter and it was wanting to know more about my major and I did make an article when I was a sophomore right after I had become a communication major. And it has a lot of use. It’s pretty popular in my

If you haven’t seen that you can go read that one first or you can just stick around here because I’m probably going to say some of the same stuff but I joined the major communication major as a sophomore in college I was a criminal justice major before that wasn’t my thing. Read: How Get Online Human Resources Degree Accredited

You know I still work for them. I actually have a peace and justice minor now but criminal justice as my major justice was not my thing. Couldn’t get into it. So, I switched over to something that applied more to my creative side which was communication and I am a major in the media side of it.

So, we have two options. We have the media side and we have the professional side the media side pertains more to people that like filmmaking they like creative writing. They like more theory-based things learning about people et cetera.

The professional side is based more towards the business aspect of the major itself. And you actually do take business classes if you are on the professional side and so there’s some there’s some intermixing there for my side personally.

We take a lot of English classes to go along with our major as well. So, it all depends on what you’re looking for over the years. I have discovered that I liked. I like kind of both sides of the major which is really interesting. I took a marketing class this year which is more on the business side of things.

And I really liked it. I think the advertising is going to be something that I really look into doing. I would love my dream job would be to be like a creative director for television commercials.

I love to brainstorm and come up with ideas to promote products or promote an idea. I like making public service announcements when I do make films and things. So, I think it’s interesting to brainstorm ideas to get a point across like that. And so, I think working in commercials would be a really good path for me.

Other than working with blog because we all know that that is like my dream viewing drug. But I digress. So, I did complete my degree I am pretty much done all I have love to take is my senior seminar next semester.

I have a very light class schedule next semester which is going to leave me plenty of time to work and make some money because I am elfin poor. But for those of you that are looking into communication you have similar interests to me like creative writing film that sort of thing. Read: Cheap Online Sports Management Degree

Communication is really good for you. And also, if you’re on the flip side and you’re into the more professional side of it with the business aspect and the marketing and journalism communication is also good for you. This type of major is good to pair with a second major or minor.

It honestly will be intermixed with. The majority of the majors at Plymouth State University if you’re reading this and you’re looking at Planet communication goes with everything. Honestly there’s so much crossover. I’m taking a marketing class right now.

The terms the theories everything that we’re looking at the crossover from previous classes that I took just the past couple of years in the communication department.

So, if you’re looking into communication don’t think it’s your only option you can also pair it with business. You compare it with marketing. You can pair it with honesty whatever you want. It’s just it’s great. And it doesn’t interdisciplinary studies where you actually you make your own major.

So, you can come to Plymouth you can intermix whatever you want. So overall communication has been a great major for me. I felt that it was the perfect fit. I made amazing friends and amazing acquaintances and connections with people in the department as well as with people in the English department and people in the marketing and business department.

So, it’s great. It’s great because you can really broaden your horizons and this kind of semester, I’ve taken a lot of just kind of random classes that I’ve really been interested in. I took an artist sketching course because I have an artistic side I love to draw.

How to Get Online Communications Degree Masters Accredited

I also took a class called the filmmakers vision which is an English course but it is about analyzing films and different directors. So, if you’re a filmmaker that type of course is perfect for you. I also took a class called Human communication and conflict which is all about relationships between people whether it be family romantic friends whatever you learn everything about that.

And that was actually the class I enjoyed the most this semester and it was the one course that I took in the communication department. And it wasn’t actually for my degree. It was just one of the classes I haven’t taken.

It’s a fairly easy to agree to finish within literally two years I took all my classes sophomore and junior year and I’ve pretty much been done since the beginning of this year. But unfortunately, I have to have some elective credits and things to graduate and so that is why I didn’t graduate early.

But there’s no complaints there because I love math and I would love to stay here forever. No. So anyway that is my little in a nutshell spiel about my major and for my minor peace and justice. Read: How to Get a Masters Degree in Social Work Online

It was kind of something I picked up because I already had a lot of the credits from being a criminal justice major but I am taking courses next semester to finish off the minor because I did just add it this year and so I’m going to be taking a society ethics course and a terrorism and counterterrorism course.

And so that all seems extremely interesting to me and very much looking forward to it. Stay tuned for some holiday stuff. I’m going to be leaving school next week and this is actually the last week that I will have my candidacy fly by because I have to give it back.

It is on loan with the school with the communication department. I might have mentioned this in some of their articles I refer to it as my mine because this is the camera that filled my short film which is also my if you want to check that out.

It’s filmed for me for the past like two years and I love it so much but I cannot take it home on my six-week break. They don’t allow it. So, the quality of my articles might go down a tad. I will be going back to relying on my webcam and so that’s going to suck but. But I have some great content planned and some announcements and things and so please keep reading.

Probably not going to have any articles come out right at the beginning of my medication but during I have plenty of ideas so thank you guys so much. If you like this article give it a thumbs up try not to be too negative about my major because that’s been a huge problem on any other communication article. Read: How Much Can You Make With a Masters Degree in Social Work

That I’ve made or seen so don’t shit on people’s majors like we all we’re here doing what we love so just keep that in mind before you comment something nasty and if you’re looking into being a communication major as well let me know or if you are one tell me what you think of the major.

I really enjoy it. Thank you, guys, again so much for reading and I will see you guys all hopefully very soon. Bye