How to Get a Masters Degree in Social Work Online

Hello everyone. Welcome back to It’s me any. And for today’s article I wanted to talk about my experience at the NYU, How to Get a Masters Degree in Social Work Online.

I definitely think the education and experience is very much worth it at the end of the day. Also, because in order to get my license and social work I needed to be a part of a master’s degree program for social work. So, it was worth it because it helped me to attain my goal which was to receive my license.

So yes, let’s just get straight into the article on some of my thoughts and feelings about the program and hopefully sharing about my experience can help you as well. Read: 10 Practical Tips for Get Online Masters Degree in Education

How to Get a Masters Degree in Social Work Online

So, first things first I’ve said this in a few of my previous articles but something to note is that the NYU social work program is more of a micro focused clinical program.

So, for me that worked fine for me because I knew that for me, I was very much interested in micro work which is what I want individualized work with clients whether it’s in a hospital setting or school setting focus on psychodynamic theories and how to do therapy with individuals.

However I realized there were some individuals in my program who they were very much focused on the macro side of social work which is more like program management and policy level as opposed to like individual one on ones and I realized that a lot of them were very unhappy with the program.

Because there was so much focus on the micro and not as much focus on the macro like they would mention it here and there but we never really not never depending on electives that you took.

I’m sure there were a few that did focus more on the program management like macro side of social work but just some complaints that I might have heard from fellow colleagues was that really it focuses a lot on the clinical side of social work. Read: Online Healthcare Administration Masters Best Recommendation

So that’s just something to note that I know for a fact that Columbia School of Social Work focuses more on the administrative advocacy policy level macro side of social work so comparing those two programs is something that you should definitely consider because I know at least from my experience and hearing from my colleagues and friends.

Who applied to social work schools in New York City usually they apply to NYU School of Social Work Columbia School of Social Work and Fordham School of Social Work in the Hunter School of Social Work those are usually the top four that everyone applies to.

So in that sense NYU was the right choice for me because it was more clinical it was more micro which is what I wanted for my focus of social work this thing I wanted to talk about was the professors at NYU silver School of Social Work specifically because I didn’t go to NYU for undergrad.

It was just for my master’s degree. So, I felt like the professors at the silver School of Social Work were very like one or the other. They were fantastic amazing people that I learned so much from like I wanted to grab them after class after every class.

Because I wanted to learn more from them here about their experience like how they got to where they are now and just well-rounded grounded clinicians who I really looked up to and was really inspired by.

And on the other hand, there were some professors who were obviously very wise and intelligent to be a professor at NYU. You know it’s one of the most esteemed schools in the world really.

And however sometimes I would question like Why are you a professor of social work. There was a few times when I would be in classes with professors and sometimes they would like say racial slurs or really put a lot of their personal agenda or input into their curriculum.

If you know what I mean like for example I had this one class and this one professor where she was very well esteemed in her research like she had years and years of experience in social work.

However, she would refuse to teach us any other kinds of topics besides the ones that she’s researched on and she’s clearly an expert in that field which obviously we as students respect.

So, we’re there to learn from her. But if anyone would you know say like a different theory or like a different point of view, she would say it’s wrong. You know like there is a theory for a reason it’s not proven. You know there’s that’s where there’s various theories. But she would always say her theory is correct and everything else is wrong.

And because she’s had this extensive year of experience and knowledge, she was always right on everything. And clearly that was a problem a lot of times in class where students felt really not heard and we were kind of felt like we were just getting a class this professors research not the topic that it was supposed to be.

I think because some were so amazing and some were so awful it kind of comes in the middle where you kind of have to take it for what it is don’t put these professors on a pedestal just because they’re NYU professors or because of whatever they might have on their resumé.

Social work is such a show like human field. I believe that no matter what your experience what your level of research or what number of letters after your name. Read: The Best Healthcare Administration Degree Online

People are people and they’re not perfect. So that’s what my thoughts are on the professors at NYU. And now that kind of leads into my thoughts on the environment at NYU or social work I found the environment to be it was supposed to be very welcoming and inviting of like these kinds of stigmatized topics such as race privilege oppression and things like that right.

Because this is social work school and social workers, we work to push forward social justice fight for those who are oppressed and kind of go against the status quo.

But like I said depending on who is a professor. Sometimes these class discussions did not really feel safe. Other times they felt very safe.

So, it’s just so I would say it was kind of tense you know because if you were in any other kind of master’s program, I think you’d be kind of different because you just focus on whatever the topic is when it comes to social work.

So much of the person is involved in the work so much of like bias can be involved in the work and it’s hard to not get personally affected by certain things that people say because of everyone’s diverse backgrounds and their motives for being in social work school so things are kind of tense when like for example in classes we try to have productive conversations are really stigmatized topics.

What was it about? Was something about like religion came up and then you know the president of the United States President Trump came up the rights of women to have abortion or not so clearly those are very sensitive topics.

And it was supposed to be a productive discussion about certain individuals and the class became very personally invested in you know sharing their own agenda which you know they have every right to have. But there’s a difference between having your own bias and personal views versus trying to make everyone else believe yours. You know.

So, I clearly have my own personal bias and my own beliefs and the way I live my life. But I would never ever try to convert or change other people to be like me and as an extension I would never let my own agenda affect the clients and the patients that.

I work with you know because that’s all about patient’s right to self-determination it’s their therapy it’s they’re the client you know and I’m just as a vessel to help them.

So, in a way like the environment at NYU was kind of like a little mini microcosm showing how these students would be when they’re social workers and it was kind of scary.

Yes, the environment is tense but by looking at it positively, I am glad that this conversation can take place in some of these places and that in our social work program not only you know how to deal with things on the surface.

I have already said enough about how to get a masters degree in social work online, maybe we will continue to the next article. Good luck.