How Get Online Human Resources Degree Accredited

Today at, we will discuss at length about the How to Get Online Human Resources Degree Accredited. My name is Kelly Watson and I am currently studying a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

I studied two undergraduate degrees at VCU previously so when I graduated from them, I initially thought that that would be it. And I was done with unit and actually less than 12 months later I was enrolled for my master’s degree so it wasn’t really a question of where for me it was always going to be easy.

I had a really great experience in my undergrads at SMU. The lecturers were really helpful. The facilities were great their resources online and on campus were amazing.

So that’s what drew me back again. One of the really great things about AC is the lecturers they’re really helpful and really experienced as well. They have. Firsthand knowledge. They’re really interesting people and also really approachable.

One of my lecturers actually provided an employment reference for me when I was applying for a job so that was really helpful and supportive as well. Read: 10 Practical Tips for Get Online Masters Degree in Education

How Get Online Human Resources Degree Accredited

ESU is quite well known out in the workforce for providing students with practical and hands on knowledge and I know that both from my personal point of view because I actually secured employment quite quickly after completing my degrees but also being in human resources.

I do a lot of short listing and a lot of recruitment and I know that when you see you on someone’s resumé then that’s straight away. A tick or a thumbs up. The online resources are really useful. Blackboard makes it so easy to access the unit content.

The unit plan online readings and when you’re doing assignments and you need to find journal articles, they’re all there because you’ve got access to library one search and or the other databases as well. My course is a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and for me something that I’ve found really beneficial is the focus on value creation.

So, while the people side of things is really important. I’ve done a lot of that in my undergrad and I do a lot of that in my day to day work and a skill that a lot of hate job professionals are lacking is that knowledge around finance and economics and accounting so the fact that this degree encompasses that is really valuable in my perspective because it teaches you about the bottom line as well and not just what people call the warm fuzzy.

When I was studying at C.U. one of the course requirements was to do work integrated learning so doing a practical placement within an organization through the process of that is where I actually got in contact with my current employer. Read: How to Get an ACCREDITED Online Bachelor’s Degree in Education SUPER FAST

So, while I didn’t actually do my placement with them once I graduated, I sent out some emails and I said just letting you know I’ve graduated now. So, if there’s anything available I’d love to touch base and have a chat about that.

And they did have something available and as a result I was offered employment something that I’ve learned along the way studying with VCU is learning the practice of celebrating your successes. So, after you finish your group assignment celebrate with your team members because that’s important.

And I’ve had the opportunity to meet such amazing people during my time here and often they’re from other countries in English isn’t their first language and I think how difficult it is to do the course when English is your first language.

So, these people are truly amazing and they have amazing experiences to share and having the chance to sit down and grab coffee with them or go to the tab after class is really rewarding for me.

One of the great things about the course that I’m doing is that it is offered on a part time basis and that makes it a little bit easier for me to tie that in around my professional life as well.

I actually work full time and then come to class at night school so the fact that the seminars are held later in the day makes it easier and that the lecturers are available over the weekends and at night means that I can email them and expect a response within 24 hours.

My aim is to progress into a senior management role within the human resources fields. I’ve already had the opportunity for career development in my current workplace as a result of my studies and what inspired me to go on and do my post grad was that my current manager studied her master’s degree in Human Resource Management through JCU and one of the things that she explained thoroughly to me was that the Course is really relevant to what we do day today.

On an operational basis in the workplace. The best advice that I could give to anyone wanting to progress their career in management would be the same advice that my manager gave to me.

Online Human Resources Degree Masters

Hello. If you’re interested in the world of human resources then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be discussing human resources careers and one of the degrees at the Forbes School of Business and Technology that can prepare you for those careers.

I’m joined today by dr. Katy Perry program chair for the Bachelor of Arts Human Resources Management degree program at the Forbes School of Business and Technology and Raina Sun Director of Career Services and alumni relations at Ashford University.

Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Can you tell me who would benefit from a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management degree? I would recommend this degree to anyone interested in entering or advancing in the human resources field. Read: Online Healthcare Administration Masters Best Recommendation

This degree is extremely flexible allowing for a wide range of employment opportunities. The curriculum offers a comprehensive overview of human resources practices principles in content area such as recruitment training and development compensation and benefits including core business areas in accounting finance information technology and marketing.

I understand that the degree has been recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management. Can you tell me why that’s important?

Yes, BBA in Human Resources Management degree program has been recognized by Sharm the Society of Human Resource Management.

This means the program is aligned to the curriculum guidelines and educational standards in a jar as defined by the world’s largest professional H.R. society. This is a widely recognized certification in the field.

Employers are also aware that graduates from Sharm recognize degree programs have the skills knowledge and experiences to be successful in Human Resources roles.

What kind of roles will graduates be prepared for since human resources become such an important role in business? There are many different opportunities that have opened up for H.R. professionals.

The B.A. in Human Resources Management prepares graduates for careers such as human resources generalist compensation specialist benefits administrator training manager recruitment manager and with a few years of experience human resources managers.

What can students expect to learn and the degree program.

The curriculum was designed to cover all of the critical core areas that human resource professionals need to know. Students will learn change management employee and labor relations legal and ethical issues compensation and benefits. Read: How to Get a Masters Degree in Social Work Online

Training and Development workforce planning and talent management organizational development and globalization. The program also offers special efficient options so students can choose to gain knowledge and additional content areas in human resources management.

Whether students choose to specialize or complete the standard degree program. Our goal is to prepare students for today’s competitive job market and the strategic nature of the H.R. profession.

Well it certainly sounds like students will be well prepared to pursue a career in the human resources field. Thank you both for joining me today. You’re welcome and thank you for reading this article.

I hope you’ve learned a little more about Ash for its online Bachelor of Arts and human resources management degree program. If this sounds like the right fit for you visit the degree page on Ashford dot E.U. or speak with enrollment services advisor.