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My name’s Katie I’m so excited to write Today’s article about Get a Master’s Degree in Psychology Online Accredited Cheapest because I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been anticipating writing this advice in and an article for like five years and now that I’ve finally graduated I feel like I finally have enough experience to answer your questions but I have gone ahead and divided this article up into three parts with the timestamps are down in the description bar.

So, if you want to fast forward to whatever section you’re in it feel free. But first I’m going to go over getting an undergrad or bachelors in psychology then I’ll talk about grad school and getting in Jerry score is all that stuff.

And then I will go ahead and talk about what I’m doing specifically for work. I also didn’t answer every single question because if I’m honest there were some questions, I just did not have answers to.

And first just as kind of a brief overview my bachelor’s degree I majored in psychology and minored in Spanish and then I just completed my master’s in industrial organizational psychology.

So the first question and this is juggling most popular question it was asked a bunch of times kind of in different ways but Cheshire Cat asks What can you do with just a bachelors in psychology. Read: Best Online Healthcare Degrees Complete Guide

I only have one semester left my degree but I don’t want to be a psychologist so I’ll answer this question by just giving you examples.

But I have a ton of friends and acquaintances who have their bachelors in psych and then did not go on to grad school and they all have jobs they all you know have perfectly good careers.

So, some examples I know quite a few like three or four who went into marketing. My best friend majored in psychology and minored in accounting and she’s now working in the accounting realm.

I also have a friend who now works with children with autism. I have a couple friends who just work in the business world is like project managers but I don’t know specifically what they do but as you can tell the common theme kind of throughout all of that is that if you’re a psych major and that’s all you’re planning on doing you don’t want to go to grad school.

You can get jobs with that but the chances are it’s not going to be within the realm of psychology and there is a reason for that. And so, you can pause article and take a screenshot of this if you want to but here all the different areas of psychology and generally if you’ve graduated with a masters you’ve taken one to two classes within all of these realms.

For example, when I graduate with my bachelors, I had taken one industrial organizational psychology class. So naturally no one’s going to hire me as an industrial organizational psychologist until I’ve gone to grad school and I’ve taken a ton more classes within that specific area.

So, by no means do I think that you have to go to grad school for a site to get a good job. By no means but if you’re trying to get a specialized job within a certain area of psychology you will probably need grad school.

The second question was doing you have any concerns about picking psychology. So, I didn’t have any concerns only because I knew that I wanted to go to grad school for some type of psych but I switched around a ton of times first. I thought I was going to school that I thought I might do clinical but I always knew I was going to grad school for psych.

So, I was never really super concerned about finding a job but if you are concerned about that and you are concerned about the job hunt being difficult with a bachelors in psych I would definitely recommend minor bring in something that is going to definitely help you get a job.

So, for example I have a lot of friends who are accountants. I have a lot of friends who work within the computer science realm because they love those areas. And like I said in some instances they majored in psychology and they ended up working in the area that was their miners.

So, if you’re not planning on going to grad school for psych, I would recommend mining in an area that’s going to definitely help you get a job. She’ll be asked How do you stay financially savvy when it seems that everything in college comes with a fee.

Even taking out loans. I totally get where you’re coming from. Whether you live in the States or you live outside of states I’m sure you’ve heard that within the US it is very expensive to go to school.

However, I do want to point out that whenever you’re hearing about schools where it’s like 50 60 thousand dollars a year to go to school that is not what every school charge.

Get a Masters Degree in Psychology Online Accredited

That is generally private institutions their private schools or public schools one is not better than the other they’re good and bad schools within each of those categories. So, if you are concerned about money I would definitely recommend going to a public school within the state.

You are a resident so you can get in-state tuition. And I really believe you guys can feel free to disagree with me in the comments but if you are getting a bachelor’s in psychology, I do not think there is any reason to be spending 50 60 grand a year go to school or you can get in-state tuition.

Go to a school that’s maybe a little easier to get into but maybe you got a merit scholarship. That’s what I did. I got into one of my top schools which was Villanova and Philadelphia. Read: How to Get a Masters Degree in Social Work Online

But it would have been 50 or 60 thousand a year. So, I didn’t go here. Instead the undergrad I went to if I’m being 100 percent honest was kind of a fallback for me but I got a huge mark scholarship. So, a big portion of it was paid. So, I didn’t go to my dream school and that’s fine.

But I’m also not any huge amount of debt so just weigh the pros and cons and there’s also nothing wrong with going to a community college for a couple of years and then transferring to a university.

Finally make sure you just look for different scholarships that that might be applicable to you. So, for example my parents were in the military so I applied to a scholarship. I forget what it was called but it was for like children who had parents in the military.

So, I got another a couple thousand dollar off my shoe wish in a semester because of that Adeline asked how true is that mean that says something like once you’ve studied psychology you can’t get angry at people anymore because you understand why they’re behaving a certain way.

No never say that I you know just because of my degree I understand why people behave the way they do. But I do think there is some basis to that just in the sense that I’m less likely to label someone based off of one or two actions.

I see them do so for example if someone makes one shitty remark, I’m less likely to be like that person is an asshole or that person is sexist or X Y Z just because I’m always thinking about did, they say that because of the way they were raised.

They say that for some like biological reasons so I just think about the broader context. Leslie Evans asks How did you know what you wanted to study with within psychology. So, the most important piece of advice I can give to you is to shadow for example I thought I wanted to be a school psychologist and I shadowed to school psychologist.

I just found them through networking or my parents or neighbors or just anyone who knew someone who was a school psychologist shadowed them for the day and realized it was not something that would be a good fit for me.

I just want to point out it’s a wonderful profession. I just knew that it wouldn’t be a good fit for me. So, I really think you know don’t feel like you have to get a three month internship to figure out if you want to work within that realm of just shadow different people succeed so you can see what it would really be like to be in that workplace.

Margaret asked what made you choose a site and not English. So as much as I love reading, I love my literature classes I took in high school and undergrad there wasn’t any type of like job I would want to do with an English degree.

Online Masters Degree Programs in Educational Psychology

Now I know what some people are much braver in the sense that they’ll just major in whatever topic they like regardless of the types of jobs that are out there afterwards. But I’m just the type of person where I wanted to have a really clear idea of the types of jobs I could have with my degree.

So, they’re just kind of keep that in mind.

So now we’re going to get into part two which is grad school and the first question is from Isabelle and she asks what is the application process like for applying to graduate school in psychology. Did you have any classmates who had an undergrad degree in something that wasn’t related to psychology.

So at least in the States the main things you have to do for grad school are one take the jury and there’s another question about that. More specifically I’ll get into in a second. Then you have the formal application and then you have the essay you have to write.

So, the main thing I would say is to work really hard on studying for the jury and take your time with that essay make sure it is beautiful and if you have to write different essays for different schools, you’re applying to definitely just kind of break apart that essay.

I’m sure you can pull pieces and use the same parts of it and different essays and for your second question I definitely know tons of people who’ve gotten into grad schools for psychology who did not major in psychology. The main thing I would say is most of the time you have to have taken the prerequisite courses.

So, for example someone in my program I had majored in journalism. But she had taken all the prerequisites psychology courses during undergrad that she would need to get into the program that I went to. So, the next question is doing you take the jury. Read: Cheap Online Sports Management Degree

How was your experience if any of you are watching and you’ve taken the jury obviously share your experiences down below? But at least in my opinion the jury is like the S.A.T. but on steroids I do think it is more difficult than I say teeth just because when you think about it.

Anyone who’s taken a jury has already taken the S.A.T. and finished their bachelors and now they’re taking the jury. The same thing happened to me with the jury that happened with the S.A.T. which is to say my verbal reasoning my reading comprehension I’ve scored really high.

I don’t hear my specific scores but I knew I was in like the eighty-three eighty fifth percentile. However, with the math section that was not the case the I was like one step below the average court that people get for the math section and I kind of knew that was going to be the case.

I’m good with grammar verbal stuff reading comprehension math not so much. I love her books. Ask what would you mind giving a timeline for your studies through psych. So, for my Bachelors that was a four-year degree.

Then immediately following my Bachelors I had an internship that summer right after I graduated. Then that fall I went and taught English in Spain for nine months and then while I was in Spain, I was researching schools talking to people who went there and applying to grad schools and then my grad school program was two years with an internship in between.

Then in the summer in between. So definitely do not be afraid to do something else for a year after you graduate from undergrad. I know a ton of people in my program who worked for a year and gained experience out in the workplace and then they went to grad school and it worked out perfectly for them.

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Next someone’s ass. I’m not a psychology student however I’m coming up on my senior year of undergrad and want to spend vice just how to pick the right grad program at school. Everything like that and look for internships so the main thing I would say is go to since you said you don’t study psychology go to whatever it is that your major is and go to like the National Board for whatever it is you study.

That was really vague. So, what I’m trying to say is for example I was going to get my degree in industrial organizational psychology so I went to the Society for industrial organizational psychology it’s called CYA.

I went to their Web site and I read you know that rankings for different PHC and master’s programs got a ton of information there and then so once I narrowed it down to say 10 schools, I was interested in.

I contacted students who are currently out of schools so many universities have their students email addresses just up on there so you can email them surprisingly if a student does not like their master’s program, they’ll straight up tell you often so that was super valuable.

Rebecca asked what relevant experience did you have when applying to grad schools. So, the main thing I had from undergrad was I had a number of research apprenticeships or research assistant ships blanking out what they were called.

I’m sure it depends on your school but at least at my school they were super easy to come by because there were students there who just needed help. So, to help them with their you know psychology labs and at least for psych they love seeing whatever kind of research you did in undergrad. My research had nothing to do with the industrial organizational psychology.

They knew that based off of that I could understand data and just you know basic psych processes all of that. Read: Online Healthcare Administration Masters Best Recommendation

And then I also had that internship that was from right after I graduated with my bachelors.

I’m getting so out of breath and now we are getting into the final question which is what I’m specifically doing for work. So, the first question was What is your ideal job once you graduate with your master’s degree.

Do you think you will ever change your mind? If so, what other career choices are there out there. So, with the next question I’ll answer what my job exactly is.

But with this question my ideal job so ideal job like 15 years down the road once I’ve gained tons of experience, I really want to work within I guess the developmental side of IO psychology so I really want to work within say leadership development talent development performance management.

I also really love selection processes so the selection process that people take to apply for a job whether that be online and they’re taking some kind of like personality assessment because a lot of the assessments that organizations have people take are invalidated third just horrific and have really low validity.

So, I want to create things like that. But getting into the second part of your question. If so, what other choices are out there. It’s really important to point out and this is something that I didn’t understand until grad school but the reason a lot of people have not heard of industrial organizational psychology is because no one walks around and says Hi I’m Katie and I’m an industrial organizational psychologist industrial organizational psychology is not a career it’s a field so there are three main areas that people work in it so you can say be a consultant I have a number of friends who went into the consulting realm.

One of my good friends works in change management and if you go to science website they have a really good information graphic about types of jobs you can go into a lot of people go into H.R. or human resources which you might be thinking like oh that’s kind of strange I wouldn’t think an Iowa psychologist would go into H.R. but what do you think about H.R.

It’s really just about developing the people within an organization prior to God’s goal I definitely thought was just about making sure people were politically correct and firing people and dealing with disputes that’s only like 5 percent of what H.R. does.

So, if you have a degree in psychology you can go to any of these realms of H.R. and work. I also just have a friend who got a job offer to develop a company’s orientation and onboarding process so that’s also kind of within H.R. and then kind of the third broad area you can go into with an eye psychology degree is to continue on.

Get your PGD. Continue doing research and become a professor. Test to ask the more and more you talk about physiology. I assume that was an auto correct mistake and she meant psychology.

The more interested I become in actually taking that career path what exactly would you be doing on a day to day basis in the workplace. So, you guys know I don’t like giving out super personal details about myself so I’m not going to say like what company I’m working for but basically, I’m going to be an analyst.

I’m working at a fairly large company working with employee engagement compensation analysis from its management just like a wide variety of things. And the reason it’s a wide variety is because I’m doing what’s called a rotational program and when I say program it’s not like a school program.

This is a legitimate full time job but you can find rotational programs in accounting operations finance tons of really large companies have these rotational programs where someone’s hired and they generally rotate throughout different offices in the company for a number of years and it’s kind of to accelerate leadership development so that is why you’ve seen me saying on Twitter.

The reason I didn’t know where I was moving until recently is because it’s a rotational program so every eight months for the next two years I’m going to move and then I’m guaranteed that you know I’ll have a job after those two years.

So, I do think once I move in two weeks I’m going to write and update article and I’ll talk about where I moved and all that stuff. And the final question and I thought this was hilarious because you guys know if you follow me on Twitter, I love the TV show the away but someone said you should make your picture in the style of the way.

But with you and the I O anyway and she says ask for a question of what would you say are the qualities that are a good fit for an IO psych career.

I’m realizing that even though there’s the last question I never described what I O Psychology is so I’ll put a graphic up here from the Psion website if you want to pause it and read that to understand exactly what it is but it’s basically psychology applied to the workplace a ton of statistics.

So, I would say there’s not like a personality type that I think you would have to have to work with in this realm. I don’t think you necessarily have to be extroverted and love people but at the very least you have to be really interested in people and specifically be really interested in kind of developing people and improving their lives in the workplace and kind of that’s the whole point of it.

That was the final questions I hope you guys enjoyed this article. And again, I know is offering a lot of advice in this but not like the word of God. I haven’t started my job yet.

So, if you’re reading this article and you have any advice or if you have different opinions than how I answered the questions please feel free to leave that down below. So, if you guys enjoyed this article and I’ll see you soon I.