Do I Need Car Accident Attorney Near Me?

Hi welcome to with a different article. This time we have the subject of Do I need car accident attorney near me. With John Ross is a personal injury attorney in San Antonio.

And he’s agreed to answer some online questions force specific question was John. Do I need to hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Thank you, Ryan, for the question. You know there’s a there’s a good reason that people need to at least call an attorney up and talk to them about their accident.

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Car Accident Attorney Near Me

You know Anytime someone’s in an accident they’re stressed out they are injured potentially they have medical expenses they have doctor’s appointments and to worry about the legal aspect of making a claim is not necessarily on the top of their list but to be honest sometimes it should be an attorney’s you know if you get a good attorney they’re not going to be pressuring you.

They’re not going to make you come in immediately. They’re not going to tell you that you have to sign away your you know potential settlement. They’re going to sit down with you and tell you here’s what you’re facing.

Here’s some ideas of what you might want to do moving forward that consult for most personal injury attorneys. That consultation an initial consultation completely free don’t have to worry about putting down money for that.

So, it’s no pressure come in you speak to an attorney since sits down with you and makes you feel comfortable and talk to walks you through the process and tells you what you need to know.

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Moving forward. Now most attorneys will tell you look there is a lot of hiccups that come with these kinds of cases you may want to consider hiring an attorney because these insurance companies aren’t necessarily your best friend. They may want to get a statement from you right away.

They may want to try to settle your claim as soon as possible and send you a check and say Look. Sign off on your settlement before you even know what your injuries are. So that’s you know a dangerous situation and you don’t want to fall prey to that.

So, I would suggest that anyone that has this type of situation at least call an attorney tell them the facts of your case. Walk them through it. Most attorneys will take the time to sit down with you and say look here’s what I think about your case.

Here’s your potential issues moving forward. Here’s some things you can do to make sure that you’re not losing your direction moving forward and can potentially make a good claim here get a settlement. So, if you have those kinds of issues you can call my firm and most attorneys will do that where you’re excellent.

Well thanks for your time John. If you have any additional questions for John just go down to the comments section below.

He typically answers those usually within twenty-four hours or more work workday so much a bunch of questions. And thanks again for your job our time John.