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Online Elementary Education Degree – Hi everyone my name’s Anna Malone. I’m an elementary education major here at West Liberty University. And today I’m going to show you what it’s like to be in this program.

So, this morning we’re going to be with Professor Ken Sexton with our block class. We’re going to be learning about instructional design. So, let’s check it out. There is a time. When it’s. A good idea. That your students learn to work with other students so.

Education program here is the oldest in this state and they really are wonderful. We do lots of projects and different things in class that really are applicable to real life. There are a lot of valuable experiences that we gain through the teachers.

We’re. Looking through other children’s books to try to find questions that reach different depths of not. Mean it is. It’s true it’s really wonderful the teachers here quality and they really do care and that’s what I was looking for. online elementary education degree texas.

Best Online Elementary Education Degree

online elementary education degree

University is a place where people cared about you and actually wanted to help you grow and learn and get that degree level is application started.

So, things like show may illustrate the a straight apply.

Now we’re in my math and science methods of course with Mrs. Sawant. We’re going to start our technology project. So, you have a device like. online elementary education degree nc.

Our block semester is a mixture of being in class and being out in the field. It’s that baby step toward student teaching which happens the next semester. So, what we do is we just meet two days a week in class for four hours and then we’re out in the field the rest of the time.

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So, we might have different assignments for classes where we all go as a group and work on something like teaching math together but then we also have to do that do the observation hours independently of that. online elementary education degree mn.

My friends and I like to eat lunch in the union every day.

At West Liberty Elementary School as part of my observation hours I’ll be in the kindergarten classroom today.

So, let’s check it out.

We’re going to play a game to make sure that the kindergarten students know their letters. You know letter that is. online elementary education degree kentucky.

What letter is it. Oh that’s. Great. So, we have to do 90 hours of observation for our block semesters part of our state requirement to get a license. So, we’ve been at West Liberty Elementary which is great it’s right on top of the hill.

I’ve bounced around from kindergarten to first grade fifth grade and it’s just great to get involved as much as we can and help out teachers wherever that we can really show up. So, I’m here at the Center for Arts and Education I’m going to go work on a group project.

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At the Center for Arts and Education is a maker space here on campus. They have all kinds of materials and resources that students can use for education majors it is invaluable. There are so many things that I might have to purchase but here they are free for me to use. online elementary education degree oklahoma.

And that’s a wonderful gift. But other majors can come too. So, it’s not just education majors it is just a space for everybody to get creative and I love that. I’m vice president of the student government association or are getting ready for a weekly meeting.

With Kate. Yes. And we’re pretty good on the bonfire. It’ll be.

So, I’m on the executive board of student government as student body vice president. And for me that’s a great way to connect with all of the students here and also be be the catalyst for change on campus. So, our goal is to just make this year the best that it can be and then grow and build on that in the years to come. online elementary education degree kansas.

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I hope this gave you a good idea of what it is to be an elementary education major here at West Liberty University. For more information check out the Pricespin.netWeb site.

Deeper Look Online Elementary Education Degree

online elementary education degree

For prospects and for students such as yourself coming to Ball State University that means that you’ll be entering a university that is well committed to preparing you to be the best teacher that you can be.

Ball State is CAPA accredited the online programs are nationally recognized. We have three different concentration areas within the Department of Elementary.

That includes literacy early childhood and elementary ed the literacy instruction focus and your masters can help to develop those real-world practical skills that every literacy teacher needs in their classroom. Having the concentration and literacy would really set you apart from other teachers in your building. As far as hiring and as far as moving into positions such as reading coaches and reading specialists. online elementary education degree wisconsin.

We are at an exciting time in the field of Early Childhood right now. We are seeing a push for early childhood a truly be a profession. Our National Association for the Education of Young Children provides what they call core competencies. That our students should know and be able to do. Upon graduation we feel like we meet or exceed that. We offer full courses on early childhood curriculum.

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We offer full courses that give you lots of historical background on early childhood education so it’s more than just condensed immediate information we can give you a broader picture of what is happening in the field.

The Masters of Education with a concentration in elementary education allows you to dig deeper into the broader topics that you might find interest. You’ll take courses that include expanding on basic foundational knowledge about the elementary field learning how to integrate technology across the elementary curriculum and also learning to better understand data and in order to inform your instruction. online elementary education degree california.

And for children’s learning. It’s one of the special things about this teacher’s colleges that departments work together. You may have a master’s degree in elementary ed but you could have a certificate in autism from Special Ed or RTI or we could have a specialization in high ability from ed psych this online program is a great fit for those who are working full time and need the flexibility.

We offer a synchronous meaning that you can come on anytime during maybe a week that a module or an assignment is due.

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One of the important things about getting a master’s in elementary education is being a lifelong learner and expecting our kids to be lifelong learners. If I myself a lot when I’m doing a training or talking to a teacher hearing those words of professors that I had. online elementary education degree minnesota.

Of lectures they gave of articles they encouraged us to read of assignments. And I realize how important that was that our professors were always challenging us.

It’s very important that we prepare our elementary teachers to go into classrooms to do better practices best practices and so that you as a perspective student are confident that you are qualified to go into the classroom and be the best teacher that you can. online elementary education degree michigan.

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