Best Cheap Auto Insurance in NJ for New Drivers and High Risk Drivers

Cheap Auto Insurance in NJ – Hello my name is Gary Solomon and I am a partner at David Saperstein in Solomon right here in New Jersey. I am also certified as a civil trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

I only represent people that have been hurt because of an accident and most of the time they got hurt in a car accident but did you know that your rights to compensation in a car accident your payment of medical bills your lost wages and your right to sue depends upon your coverage and not the guy who did this to you.

Please allow me to explain. So, it’s that time again when you get that dreaded car insurance renewal form making matters worse there’s a bill included in that package and it’s higher than last year’s bill. So, you get frustrated and decide that you are going to shop around to save money or worse you decide to reduce your benefits to save a few dollars.

Be careful in your selections or you may live to regret your decisions. First of all, do not be fooled by funny or clever TV commercials when buying car insurance, you are purchasing a sophisticated and complex product that is designed to protect you your family members and your assets. cheap auto insurance in nj for high risk drivers

Cheap Auto Insurance in NJ for New Drivers and High Risk Drivers

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You need to know that the car insurance you buy in New Jersey affects you and all of your household family members. Generally good quality insurance costs more than bare bones minimum coverage. For that reason, I strongly recommend that you buy your insurance through an independent insurance agent.

They will often shop your coverage through several insurance carriers and give you the best coverage for the lowest premium now in New Jersey we have no fault insurance. It is your own car insurance that will pay for your medical bills your lost wages regardless of who caused the accident.

The medical benefits and lost wage benefits are called personal injury protection. We commonly call this Pip benefits. So, what happens when you buy insurance. There are four decisions that you need to make. Number one is the amount of insurance you have in case you are sued. That is called your liability coverage.

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Number two is the amount of personal injury protection or PIP coverage that you have in case you are hurt. And number three the amount of underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage you have. And finally, the threshold you select will determine if you or your family members can sue for non-permanent soft tissue injuries. cheap auto insurance in nj for new drivers.

You also need to know that you should be clear in your application renewal to make certain that you list all members of your household. That whole driver’s licenses and that you list all of your designated drivers. This may even include children just getting their permits. If you have any car that is registered in New Jersey it must be insured.
If you fail to insure a registered car you will not be able to bring a claim for injuries and you will be denied medical benefits no matter how life threatening or serious your injuries may be so sure.

All cars and all potential drivers even if you are letting your car to a family member for an extended period of time list them as a designated driver. If you don’t, they may not be given insurance coverage. You also need to buy enough insurance to equal the value of all of your property and assets as well as your salary.

Too often I’ve seen people who own bank accounts houses will have good salaries take only fifteen thousand dollars and bodily injury coverage and five thousand dollars in property damage. Why is that bad.

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We’ll have some cut-rate insurance company gave you the minimum coverage and you rear end someone in a Mercedes Benz and that car is totaled and that driver becomes seriously injured. It will be your responsibility to pay for all of the losses above your coverage so you may be responsible for the extra seventy-five thousand dollars in property damage to the Benz and perhaps one hundred thousand or more for the injuries to the driver. You rebranded.

So, my advice to you is to make sure you have enough liability coverage and that you match that to your uninsured and underinsured coverage amounts as well. cheap auto insurance in nj

Please understand that if you are hurt by someone that has only the minimal liability coverage that it will be you under insured motorist coverage from your own insurance company that will pay you for your pain and suffering related to your injuries. We suggest that you buy three hundred-thousand-dollar single limit coverage as a minimum.

That way you and your family will be protected. Also never make your health insurance company from work. Primary over your car insurance policy. Always make Pip primary over your major medical coverage. Number two is your Pip insurance.

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We all know that medical bills are quite high and it does not take much to rack up over 100 thousand medical bills. Up until a few years ago. All policies had to under fifty thousand dollars of medical bill coverage but recently the law was changed so that insurance companies can sell lower Pip medical coverage and they love doing it because they can save themselves a lot of money if you get hurt. So, when you call companies such as Geico progressive State Farm Allstate price out your existing coverage and not the reduced coverage.

In fact, ask them for the best coverage and then have them shopping at pencils on a premium. They quote and not on the benefits and coverage you get. Number three is your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This comes into play if you were hurt by someone that just did not buy or did not pay for their insurance so that they are virtually uninsured.

If that happens it will be your uninsured motorist coverage from your own insurance company that will pay for your harms and losses related to your injuries. But this is what you need to know. cheap car insurance in nj.

You can only buy as much under insured are uninsured motorist coverage to equal your liability coverage. So, take that into consideration when selecting your liability coverage amount. That’s why we recommend that you purchase a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars in liability coverage so that you can insure yourself for that amount as well. Number four is the threshold.

In New Jersey you can purchase no threshold or a limited threshold. Sometimes the limited threshold is called the verbal threshold or limitation on what threshold. Now if you purchase a limited threshold you cannot sue for a non-permanent injury.

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You can still sue for your economic losses such as lost income but with a limitation on lawsuit threshold you cannot sue for your pain and suffering your disabilities and your future losses. You’d have to suffer an injury to a body part causing it no longer to function normally again without further medical treatment are the injuries that break this threshold include death dismemberment significant scarring a fracture that is displaced or loss of a fetus usually an injury to the back such as a ruptured or herniated disc that was caused by the accident can break the threshold. cheapest auto insurance in nj.

We recommend that you select no threshold. But we understand that by doing so you’ll be increasing the cost of your insurance. So, this is your choice. By the way the selection of threshold you make will apply to all members of your household no matter where or in whose car they are injured in.

But there is an exception to this threshold and that is if the accident was caused by a truck or commercial vehicle. If that happens then no threshold will apply. So, here is my advice in a nutshell. No one buy insurance from an independent insurance agent no to buy a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars of single limit coverage.

Number three make sure you get two hundred fifty thousand dollars in Pip medical coverage that is primary over your major medical coverage. Number four make sure you are underinsured and uninsured. Coverage equals your liability coverage. Number five if you can afford it. Elect no threshold as your threshold number six.

Make sure all cars household members and drivers are listed on the policy and number seven. Review your declaration page when you get it and make sure it’s correct. If you have any questions about this call your insurance agent or call me at 1 800 law two thousand. cheapest car insurance in nj.

Most Important Cheap Auto Car Insurance in NJ Coverage

cheap auto insurance in nj

I wanted to explain to you the most important auto insurance coverage that you should have. That’s the least explain. But most important insurance in New Jersey that insurance is uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Insurance agents do not explain this insurance fully leaving you potentially in trouble with not enough insurance.

In cases involving serious injuries state law New Jersey requires that insurance companies offer uninsured and underinsured motors coverage as an option. Up to two hundred and fifty thousand for each person and five hundred thousand in coverage for each accident for bodily injury. cheap car insurance in nj.

Insurance companies also have to offer a five hundred-thousand-dollar single limit option for uninsured and underinsured motors coverage. You can have these limits even increased further by purchasing an umbrella policy. Why have uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage under your own insurance policy is for that situation when a person who has no insurance at all causes an accident with you.

If this occurs you then pursue your own insurance company under your policy for the damage caused by that uninsured person. Uninsured motorist insurance also covers the situation of the hit and run driver where you were never able to identify the vehicle that hit you and then took off. cheapest car insurance in nj.

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It’s the hit and run or phantom vehicle situation. In 2015 the Insurance Research Council reported that 13 percent of motorists carry no insurance at all. That means you have a 1 in 8 chance of being hit by someone with no car insurance at all.

Thus, if you only have minimum uninsured motorist coverage and are seriously injured you and your family could be financially devastated because there’s no money there to recover. The percentage of uninsured drivers has been on the rise also in 2010 for example twelve-point three percent of drivers had no insurance and that’s that’s going up. cheap auto insurance in nj.

Why have under insured motorist insurance coverage besides the problem of persons carrying no insurance. Most drivers do not have sufficient liability coverage if they injure someone under insured motorist insurance coverage as insurance coverage. When someone hits you that does not have enough insurance for the full amount of damage or injury caused this insurance is so critical because most drivers have very low liability coverage in New Jersey.

Liability coverage on your own policy is important but it does not protect you if someone without enough insurance hits you. If someone hit you with only a fifteen-thousand-dollar policy and insurance and permanently injures you. cheapest auto insurance in nj.

This will not be enough clearly to take care of you and your family. If, however that same person hit you under that example and you have another five hundred thousand in under insured motorist coverage to go after it you at least you have that extra cushion of money to protect you and your family.

All insurance companies in New Jersey have to offer as high as five hundred thousand dollars in under insured motorist coverage and there are ways to obtain more. Some insurance companies offer high limits higher limits and you can also obtain higher limits on both under insured motors coverage and uninsured motorist coverage by purchasing an umbrella policy. cheap auto insurance in nj for new drivers.

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Remember that your uninsured and underinsured voters’ coverage cannot be higher than your liability coverage. Your liability coverage should also be high to cover this situation when you are at fault for the happening of an accident. Insurance is truly meant to protect those no serious situation. cheap auto insurance in nj for high risk drivers.

So only carry minimal coverage makes no sense our office will review your car insurance declaration page for free showing your coverages. I feel passionate about making sure you have enough insurance and that people out there aren’t aren’t driving out there without this protection. If you have any questions about your car insurance or or are involved in an accident involving personal injury please feel free to give our firm a call or e-mail us.

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