7 Different Types of 18 Wheeler Accident, You Need Houston Lawyer?

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What’s going on is the big rig both Houston truck accident lawyer Rashad Alexander. Here again on a Saturday afternoon. Not much going on today I got to come in here and like I say I work on this Web site work on some medical reductions and what not.

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But this Houston truck accident lawyer website man is a beast right now. I mean if I ask the obvious if I can if I can complete this in 45 days, I will be amazed. I mean simply because of the fact that you could put a website up pretty quickly if you wanted to.

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So, I have so much information on here. It’s crazy. So, if I can get through this whole thing though I will be you know I’ll be and I’ll be in a really good place.

Yes. So, it’s like 715 15 or so. And I am. It looks like once I finish this next row what not I’ll be like three fourths of the way done. This next little row because I’ve already set it up should take me probably about 10 minutes.

What’s going on is the big board sexy shrug accident lawyer Rashad Alexander. Here again from episode 48. So today we’re going to talk about seven different types of truck brakes that occur commonly on our roads here in the state of Houston especially here in Houston San Antonio Austin Dallas Laredo.

How do you like to say that El Paso? El Paso. Have you like to say? OK.

So, no further ado let’s go ahead and get started. It’s a Saturn V. Once again, they cut off the air warming but it’s all good. You know I’m here for you every single day without putting in a word. We’re going to learn stuff. We’re going to do this.

We’re going to be the best. So, let’s get started. Number one rollover crashes. OK well rollover crashes are exactly what they sound like. It’s when basically the truck chips over on its side. OK. There’s a lot of cargo in a trailer.

I know when you’re driving down the road and you’re in a passenger vehicle it may look as if you know the truck is just you know it’s just an empty trailer or whatever have you.

You don’t really know what the contents are. The cargo is inside that trailer. Trust me if it rolls over you do not want to be on the side of a rollover.

Right. It will crush your car. OK.

Usually this happens when the commercial truck driver is driving or traveling at an excessive speed. And then the attempt to corner or take a corner too quickly. OK. Additionally, if they’re carrying too much cargo when they take that corner or two to the corner of the vehicle it’s going to tip over that trailer.

Now it also occurs because the driver may try to make an overcorrection for a drifting trailer behind them but it most likely is that most likely occurs when steep inclines or immediately after a jackknife in there.

All right. So that’s the first thing rollover wrecks. The second one is a lost cargo load. Rick a lost cargo load Rick. Sounds like what it is. That’s when the cargo is lost the trailer on the back of that bed and it ends up on the roadway. Cargo falls off a commercial motor vehicle and onto the roadway.

And then that cargo of resulting debris of that cargo hits other vehicles sparked a lot of other vehicles and is caused by a failure to properly secure and inspect the load either at the time of the pickup or some town periodically during the trip.

OK. Now the fall a car lost cargo load.

Rick can be placed on various actors in the supply chain. It can be the driver it can be the shipper. You know it can be a number of players who can be responsible for this type of situation.

So, you know if you are in a type of situation like that you need to seek some type of professional legal assistance so far to think you can handle something like that on your own.

The third thing is it blasts out a wreck now the Reagan. Just like what it is. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Blind Side you’ve ever played football you understand that you know a blind side.

He is always probably the most impactful you know type of heat that you can put on someone because they don’t see it coming. Right. You know you get them right down on your shoulder and they don’t see you coming. So, they’re turning you know.

Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

You hit open it can flip them over you know if you put them out the game. And it’s the same thing with an 18-wheeler or commercial motor vehicle. If you recall if you hear the local Houston area there was a viral article that took place here on Highway 290 in Houston where there was a commercial motor vehicle Rick Bart 18-wheeler tractor trailer rig probably about two days ago an 18-wheeler was traveling down Highway 290.

You know it looks like the driver was either in the blind side of the tractor trailer or you know the tractor the commercial motor vehicle drivers wasn’t paying attention and either way the truck driver drifted into the light to the right lane.

Hit one car and cause that car did spin out and hit another car. Two lanes over that car that hit the car two lanes over caused a second car to actually flip over in the air several times and it finally came to a halt after probably about ten about ten or eleven flips further down the highway.

I don’t know what happened with the 18-wheeler driver in the article. The driver just drives over and I believe they see later on they didn’t even see you know what happened or they didn’t know what happened. It’s kind of hard to believe that from the article of someone’s dash cam that took it all in.

But let us say That’s what a blind side recce is. It’s pretty much when a truck veers into the line it can last for another vehicle. Now I drew this little diagram up here. I don’t know if you can see it but what it is this is this is the trailer of the truck.

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And this is the actual you know commercial motor vehicle this is this is the tractor. All right. These are the blind spots are the nose zones. OK. A commercial motor vehicle has at least four no zones and that’s 20 feet in front of the vehicle right here 30 feet behind that people walk to the rear of the commercial motor vehicle.

And then it has at least two no go zones on the site. Now the most date Wow I’ll say this. So, if you’re on the left side of it you know what is more than likely the commercial more people cannot see you if you’re almost like directly beside the actual tractor trailer if you’re pulling up on them right here that one lane they generally cannot see right beside it.

Now if you’re on the right side the right side is probably one of the most dangerous places to be when you’re dealing with 18-wheeler and you’re on the highway or the roads with them because this side.

Number one they’re sitting on the left-hand side. So, they had to look at those mirrors on the right side to see what’s going on.

And that’s an it’s a huge blind spot for them over here basically where the trailer is. They can’t see for the most part to let those two lanes to the right. And if you’re right beside an 18-wheeler on the highway if they can’t see you and their viewers then if you if you can’t see them in their mirrors then they can’t see you.

So, you need to always keep that in mind. And if you can you know when you’re on the road and there’s an 18-wheeler around just get past it or slow down or get away from this vantage you can.

I mean because the reality of it is that there’s a huge piece of machinery and a wreck with that you cannot afford. I mean and I’m talking about health laws and I’m talking about money or anything like that.

I’m just talking about simply your safety if you are involved in a truck wreck more than likely is going to be catastrophic you know or it’s going to be a very serious wreck is not going to be something that you can just simply walk away from.

I know that the news media likes to often report when they see these truck accidents on the road that no injuries were reported.

No one was injured and stuff like that. But let’s be honest you know they’re not doctors and they didn’t go to school for a lot of this stuff. They’re just reporting whatever they see or where they may tow.

Preliminary was but the fact of the matter is if you’re involved a truck accident, you’re going to get injured more than likely. There’s no doubt about it this is too big of a machinery to hit your vehicle. And then what. Neither one was designed for that.

Neither one what it was designed to actually come in contact with something else like that. So, number four it’s JAG night collisions. This is when a truck trailer will swing out to about a 90-degree angle from the can and these access off have on the brakes lock up which can cause the trailer to skew the ramp.

OK. And this is dangerous because when a jackknife accident happens and the brakes lock up for the most part the truck driver of course the motor vehicle driver does not have control of that trailer.

So that trailer is going to just do its own thing.

And if you’re in the way of it you know it’s not, you’re not going to have a good time. You’re not going to have a good time. I mean that’s I mean that’s pretty neat. I mean this is mildly as I can put it.

I mean for lack of a better word the last two I’m sorry last three things are underwrite accidents underwrite accidents are when a passenger vehicle hits the side of a truck trailer and a vehicle goes underneath the trailer.

Now this game resolve as severe injuries and it likely will cause decapitation of the passenger vehicles occupants. There are some times where you may see a truck will have Angel winds on it. Those are those little white wings that they’re like sheets of plastic on those they look like.

And they don’t reach all the way to the ground obviously and they’re not always like right at the edges of the trailer but they’re there to prevent a vehicle from sliding underneath that trailer because those accidents. I mean you’re not going to walk away from that football you know a lot of times simply because of the fact that your car is sliding underneath that trailer.

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I mean that’s if you have ever just ridden discarded trunk and just looked at how low truck trailers are. Your car is not designed to go under there at all. So, you know how that will likely end for someone who gets in a wreck like this very serious and various dangerous very serious and a very dangerous situation.

Number six is why turn crashes. Why Charity radios trucks out why charity raises a red eye and the fact that trucks swing wide left to make right turns causes a passenger vehicle to get trapped between either the curb and the truck or the trailer itself.

So, a lot of times that’s what you do you will see happening. You see a wide turn crash it’s not necessarily that the tractor trailer on the truck has been it’s hitting the car he had open but the side of the end of the truck is hitting the car and cause it need to somewhat like be crushed or smashed between whatever is on the edge of the street and the actual truck itself.

So, you know put an asterisk beside that because I already talked about the dangerousness or how dangerous it is to be on the right side of a truck.

So, as I said before I avoid the right-side folks at all cars because it’s harder for 18-wheeler drivers to see on the right side of the trailer.

The last one is rear end collisions. I mean everyone’s familiar with a rear end collision because rear end collisions happen with passenger vehicles all the time.

You know a rear end collision is going to be an it’s going to have catastrophic consequences for a passenger vehicle largely because of the difference in the size and the weight of a of the two vehicles. You know a trap truck is going to outweigh a car two three times four times you know.

And the reality of it is that if your heat hit from behind by a truck your backs here your train that your truck is probably going to be in your back seat if not further. Maybe those situations are just very hard to deal with.

Very sad for all the families involved.

So, you know what I’d urge people to do is avoid excessive speeds and avoid abrupt stops in front of trucks.

I mean the worst thing you can do on the highway is drive fast enough just to jump in front of an 18 wheeler and then think that somehow if there are cars or other vehicles in front of you that you could just come to a grinding halt all of a sudden you have to understand the 18 wheelers require much more stopping space than the average vehicle.

So, you know don’t put yourself in harm’s way by just completely jumping in front of an 18-wheeler. You know if they don’t have room to stop because not all crashes happen that way when a person has to jump in and find them.

But obviously if you do that, you’re going to put yourself in a in a very serious and deadly situation.

All right. So, this is the big rig bull just truck back to where Sean Alexander sighing out.

Hey you have a moment please President Ray subscribe button on Pricespin.net so that you can stay in contact with me and you can get all of my wonderful blogs as I continue to grow this channel and I hope that you have a blessed day in. Let’s hope that the Louisiana residents have a safe weekend as we as they deal with this hurricane. And I’ll see you later. I was listening.